The Mu Rabbit

A couple of things inspired the building of Mu. First I happened to acquire another of the original Tone Shaper Serenity wiring kits. I’d had pretty satisfying results with that in the Kappa, but some found the neon chartreuse color on that instrument a little too eye-popping. Second I thought the figured mahogany on the top would look pretty nice with a tobacco burst finish. Right then, something like the Kappa, but a little more conventional…

Sometimes things just don’t work out as in the original plan.

Warmoth necks had recently become available in roasted Maple, and I wanted to use a short24 ¼ scale length. I decided that I wanted to use a wraparound bridge to show off more of the top.  Just to be a little different I asked Curtis Novak to wind the lipsticks a little hotter this time, and just for grins, I set it up so the three available coils are individually addressed like three separate pickups.

The final product is different than any other of my builds. It has an interesting acoustic like feel but a great electric sound.

Price: $2400
Weight: 7.4lb
Body: Chambered
Top: Figured Mahogany, Tobacco Burst
Back: Mahogany, Transparent Brown
Finish: High gloss
Neck: Roasted Maple on Roasted maple
Back Contour: Roundback
Nut: GraphTech Black TUSQ XL
Scale: 24 ¾”
Frets: 22 Jumbo
Hardware: Chrome
Bridge: Gotoh 510 wraparound
Tuners: Schaller Da Vinci
Neck Pickup: Curtis Novak Strat Replacement Lipstick
Bridge Pickup: Curtis Novak Humbucker Lipstick
Electronics: Tone Shaper Serenety

The Mu Rabbit